Moorcroft is a secondary school in Uxbridge for pupils with severe learning difficulties between the ages of 11- 19. It is a member of the Eden Academy Trust, a family of schools for children and young people with a range of learning difficulties including those who may have autism and physical or sensory needs. Moorcroft specialises in students with profound and multiple learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders, sensory or physical impairments or challenging behaviour. The school has its own hydrotherapy pool with overhead hoists to enable access for pupils with physical disabilities. Hydrotherapy allows students to improve their lives by relieving stress, muscle tension and creating a pain-free way to exercise.

Moorcroft’s plantroom and hydrotherapy pool had aged and needed a revamp for a better-quality experience for all of those involved in using/running the pool. The equipment had become unreliable and struggled to guarantee a safe and pleasant swimming environment.

The works involved decommissioning of the old pool water circulation system, pressure testing the pipework, relining the inground balance tank and pool overflow channels with a GRP lining system, LED pool lighting and bespoke overflow grating. In addition, the water treatment plant would be upgraded. Broadwater worked with the Moorcroft staff to create a plan to suit the site and other contractors involved in the project.

The treatment plant upgrade included a new filter vessel with AFM – media manufactured sustainably from recycled green glass – and new circulation pumps with variable speed drives with an automated balance tank (refill) level control system. Disinfection is provided by a Wallace & Tiernan Barrier M UV system, Depolox Pool E700P controller and chemical dosing pumps with the added safety of a chlorine gas alarm and chlorination controlled by a Wallace & Tiernan Depolox Pool E700P chlorine monitor and a new chlorine gas alarm. Broadwater also re-sealed the pool run off and fitted a new grill and cover.


Martin Thompson at Moorcroft School was impressed with the refurbishment and upgrade of the pool water system: “The work was professionally planned, expertly installed and finished to a high standard”, he says, “and it looks great, too. Thank you, Broadwater, for a trouble-free project!” Overall the upgrade has improved the efficiency of running the pool and given it a new lease of life.